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Dee Van Houten artist bio animal art, art nouveau, dragonfly art, bird and fish art at


Dee Van Houten

The following testimonials are written by collectors of my art. They have commissioned art work, purchased an original, giclee, poster, greeting cards and/or limited edition prints from me over the years.

"Amazing progress from student to disciplined artist. Dee's work shows a strong sense of form and accuracy of line. A promising artist." Barclay Sheaks; Associate Professor of Art (retired) at Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, Virginia. He was my most inspirational art professor. I dedicate my love of creating art to him. Barclay passed away on April 13, 2010. He will be missed...

"I've collected Dee Van Houten's art work for 23 years, and its STILL not enough! I own 17 pieces, and though I'm running out of wall space, I'll hang her fanciful, bright, uniquely creative works of sheer joy from the CEILING if I have to! Everything from her whimsical animals and 'garden moments' to her Art Nouveau style women and thematic dance art engages the eye and delights the heart. She has a gift - treat yourself and share in" J.N., Attorney, Virginia

"I have many of Dee's paintings, which make me feel happy and bring warmth and joy to any room. The 'Goddess of Astrology' is my favorite. It is so intricate. It makes being a woman feel very special.

Her Mardi Gras poster is in my daughter's room. Love the purple and the special story behind the poster. So of course, my greeting card pick this year was the 'Mardi Gras Jack in the Box.' So classy!

Thank you Dee for brightening every day for me. I feel very fortunate to know such a wonderful and talented person." GK., Business Owner and Arbonne Consultant, Virginia

"I have enjoyed my original artwork and prints from Dee Van Houten since we started acquiring these more than 20 years ago. These are beautiful floral's and colorful, detailed animals and birds; peaceful, fun, and usually interacting with others in a whimsical grouping. These are pieces that my children enjoy, and I expect they will each display a few in their own homes some day. I look forward to new creations by Dee to brighten my home and office." L.D., Attorney, Virginia

"Dee's art is so uplifting and fun. The detail in each picture (I own 5) is amazing. I can't wait until I own another."
V.F., Veterinarian Assistant, Virginia

"I love my Mardi Gras poster that Dee designed. I have it hanging in my office right above my desk so I can see it every day. Each time I look at it, I see something new. The whimsical detail and artistry are fun and uplifting even on the toughest days. I feel blessed to know someone so talented!" J.T., Senior Editor, Virginia

Dee Van Houten's art is a testimony of her insight into the art of expression, as seen with her use of color, form, and subject. Her fish swim through a myrid of muted, watery colors, her birds sing with the joy of life, and her dancers are powerful and extend the boundries of perception. Dee has been expressing herself through a variety of mediums on a 2D surface for over 30 years, and she is a master of interpretation. M.O., Art Teacher, Toronto, Canada




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